Saturday, June 26, 2010

From the Ground Up

Good ol' Ball. Back to the basics.

Now I need to reformat my laptop in prep for schoolio! Yahoo~

Friday, June 25, 2010

Spline Spline no friend of mine

Well I've about run out of time to continue doing this ball kick piece and in all honesty the drive of finishing it has almost faded away. I've been catching myself falling into a pattern of starting with something simple, over complicating it, speedily racing to the finish line, and then falling short at the very end.

I've been critiquing a ton of stuff at the 11secondclub, but I always have to remind myself that I too am just a newbie. 7-ish weeks of Maya does not make a great animator. I guess I'm just a little disappointed with this latest piece as it was going so well until I hit the spline button (or autoTangent).

Finished Blocking:

Half-way done Spline:

It turned out okay so far but it just wasn't what I was after - the punch of it is definitely gone at least that's how I feel when I see it. My relationship with maya is still pretty rocky. But as always I've learned a ton from this (first time using parent / constrain). I might need to stop getting ahead of myself though.

Well Animation Mentor starts this Monday and I'm extremely pumped for it. Toy Story with the family this weekend as well. Good times ahead :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

The ol' Toss the ball and then kick it very hard

Found decent time to practice animating today. Here's 2nd blocking pass - only halfway through the piece. I feel like it's almost animated already - am I blocking wrong :/ It feels more natural, but that just might be a cover for "I'm new and don't know a thing".

Gotta watch Toy Story 3 this weekend! (And Disney's Tangled looks really awesome too)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Kick in the Ball and Rushing Waterfalls

I've been delving into the works at as a means of self-study and came across someone's reel with a guy kicking a soccer ball. I've always thought this was a great exercise and after picking his piece apart I thought I'd try my own.

This is blocking for the body and feet:

I've yet to finish the end but I'm still deciding what I want him to do before I go any further. I was going to just animate the torso / legs but maybe I'll go all out and add the rest of the body parts. I was also thinking about trying locators and constraints to have him hold the ball and drop it in place for the kick.

In the meantime I think I needa cool off for a day or two. It's great fun though.

On a completely different note, I recently went to Yosemite with some of the family including niece and sister of my sister in law. It was my first time there and I was expecting a long walk basically. We were going on one of the shortest trails there so I figured a 5-ish mile hike would be cake.

Calm and cool on the bridge. That's my sister and niece.

Brother and his wife.

So on we go until we notice that the path is wet. My niece gets scared and wants to turn back. So sister in law walks back down with her while the rest of us press onward.

At this point I'm thinking, "WOW this is awesome!" We're getting sprinkled by the mist of the waterfall and it's like we're in an action movie. The winds were picking up and it was just the right amount of dangerous to get your heart pumpin'. As I snapped this picture a Russian man tapped me on my shoulder, pointed to my camera and said, "IT VEEL DIE, TURAAHST ME". The camera is weatherproof so I wasn't worried, I didn't want to argue against a cliff so I just said okay. I'm never going to forget this very short conversation though haha. About 10 minutes later, under the cover of a small overhead cliff, I took this picture:

Completely drenched! At this point we went back to get my sister in law and the niece. Next time we'll be more prepared. In all honesty that climb up those steps was RIDICULOUSLY dangerous and scary. Especially going down the puddled steps, yikes. But it was still fun.

Speaking of which, since I wasn't prepared I was wet until we got home about 4 hours later. It was the most comfortable car drive ever!!! :( On top of that I thought that inside the camera bag was still dry... turns out it was completely soaked and the camera had been sitting in there moisting it up. I was worried so I dried it out a bit and took a test picture. I now use this as my desktop wallpaper.

I had a blast and I hope to continue the trend of actually going out and living life a bit more.