Friday, June 12, 2009

One Fever to Another

So most people who know me personally can attest to the fact that my immune system does not exist. Nickname: Bubbleboy , me, has been struck with fever down to me just sprawled out on the bed for days. But I think I've finally overcame the situation and it's time to jump back on this out-of-shape horse.

Complication 1: Did I mention I hate home depot. They don't carry pro poxy! Oy... I'm positive they have what I need... at another store location in another city. It's like there's this imaginary foot behind my butt constantly swinging forward every step of the way. Anyway, I ordered the pro poxy and it's arriving tomorrow.

Complication 2: Crappy armatures are my specialty. I've had much practice at them. But just to change things up I made something useable. I tried Mike Brent's hand wire configuration but all I could conjure up was a pile of poo. 1/8" wires were also a bit too thick for my puppet being so short (the shorter the wire the harder it gets to animate / bend). I've worked my way around a few problems and I've found what will work out for me in the end. But the big thing I'm missing to make the armature much easier to build and handle is the pro poxy - which should be fixed pending Complication 1.

Complication 3: Foam is not my friend. But like most desperate outcast kids I'm going to force it to become my friend. I figured out what I was doing wrong and got the mixing times almost down to a science. I took pictures of my most successful foam trial yet but my sis has it on her camera (left it in San Francisco of course!) and I'll get the pictures off of that later tonight.

As far as puppet making goes I think I'll finally, and I know this has been a long time coming, be able to get out with a fully animate-able puppet complete with head. Heads are always nice to have. I still have to do the replacement mouths but honestly I'm just looking forward to getting the foam part just right. It'd be nice to not have to worry about foaming in the future.

I'm also writing up a small story around Vanni. When the puppet (x3) comes out complete and painted I'll be doing animation tests with it while I make the secondary characters. One of whom is based on myself as an infant.

I'm going to limit this first short bumper-status film to 3 characters max. I think I'm speculating a little too much when I need to get these hands dirty with animation. The puppetmaking hump is almost over... CANT WAIT!

Side note my sis is about to move away - accepted to Pharmacy school in Denver - and I wish her the best of luck. She's taking this weekend to look at the apartments over there. I'm putting together a small story pitch for when she gets back. A good feeling getting back into the habit of making small goals and reaching them.

Post some pics soon as I get em!

Officially back in the game.

P.S. Go watch Up! (first act is classic)


  1. Ill be waiting for the pics man!

    almost there.

    always a gajillion steps just to animate....


  2. Keep hackin' away at it Tony, you'll get there!!!

    1/8" wire is definitely awful thick!! I use 1/16" (16 guage) for the majority of my puppets, twisting multiple strands together where needed.

    I made quite a few armatures and puppets before they started to work fairly well, and even now I run into problems with just about every one. I don't think you can ever really make a perfect puppet.. they're always a work in progress. But they do get a lot better after you've made 6 or 7.

  3. Great job man. I am always impressed with the progress you are making with each subsequent update.

    Its always about that grind.