Sunday, August 30, 2009

So much has happened...

Been quite awhile since the last post, I've been caught up in this frenzy of catching up with the news and it has turned me a little bit bitter. Sometimes I ask friends a few questions and we immediately jump into an argument - the beauty of politics. I feel like I've been so detached from the world, sitting inside my little bubble blissfully ignorant of life outside it. It has become such a ghastly place recently - the U S of A and I'm ashamed I didn't make myself aware of it much earlier.

BUT! On the bright side it gave me a great concept for a film that I think has enough merit to pursue to the end. I don't know if I'll be able to tell the whole story in anything around ten minutes though but we'll see... maybe 20 will do (10 minutes is already ambitious -.-). With a few tips from my friend Jim, I came up with a sketch of the protagonist - Milton James Harvey.

This is the evolution of the Moe character - pretty neat how far he's gone :)

Speaking of Moe I did this really small commercial clip using a Butterfinger bar. I'll admit that I had 8 days to do it, slacked off the first 4, got sick the next 3, and did this overnight haha. I am so driven -.- Because of the time restraint I'm not really proud of it, but practice is practice none-the-less. The light was too low, the clip was too short, the list goes on and on... but my dad and I got to make some chairs!

Here it is:


  1. Wow man!

    thats a finished piece. Im very impressed!!

    the video is a little dark didnt see alot the first time......maybe up the brightness a bit.

    otherwise....very well done.


  2. Tony, it sounds like you have an interesting scenario there... I like the sketchs of your protagonist. And the clip with Butterfinger bar is looking great :)

  3. Hehe, thanks guys! Yeah the lighting was definitely low, the overhead light I was using was so weak but it was the only one I could hang above my set on such short notice so I had to use longer exposures with less light all around. The clip suffered because of it - but it let me learn a little about lighting :) On to more practice!