Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pros and Cons

To Yaz: If you do end up doing frontlight / backlight take a few snaps of your setup! :) I really love the results of it but I'm just not prepared equipment-wise. I'm doing tests with the green right now and if I end up hating it I may take some time to get a setup together myself. Good luck with yours!

To Shelley: "I find it best just to do what seems right and give up entirely on what 'should' be." Great advice! I've been trying to animate at 30fps but it's just impossible with the doll. The only decent looking animation I've got has been at 15fps. At the moment this seems right, but once this heat wave is over I'll try more at 24.

So this is the first green screen test I did. It's super short... I honestly just cannot deal with the heat right now. It takes me (at the fastest) 1 minute per frame and and average of 3 per frame constantly deleting and retaking shots. Everytime I get 30 minutes into it I'm just boiling and I stop. Come on September gimme some of that good ice cold weather :P

This is only a rough cut. You can see bits of the rigs still showing up, but the jist of it is there. Though this doll has been giving me tons of trouble, I'm starting to figure it out. I think it's possible to do this. I'm very skeptical about being able to animate this in the way I see it in my head... but I'll get something out of it for sure.

Everyone seems to be getting so much done now and it's quite motivating. Admittedly (blaming the heat) I've been slacking a little bit. Time to jump back on the horse.


  1. I like it! That STYLE OF MOVEMENT is all you need for story telling.

  2. looks good. nice key you go there too. yeah this heat is crazy. I have been waiting for cool nights to come in myself. those 500 wats get mighty hot.

  3. Haha, the crazy thing is the hottest light I've got is 200 wats. AND I'm not even using it! Just the ol 60 watt desk lamps. Mad mad heat.

  4. Tony, your green screen test looks great! I dont see any problem there with keying. If I go frontlight / backlight I will take some pics and post on my blog. You have probably seen this tutorial from Nick Hilligoss http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/138315 It does not show you light setup but gives a great idea about the technique.

  5. cool beans man!

    so fun to see animation.....and yes...Your key looks great.

    octobers almost here!! Winters going to be nice to many of us sitting under the hot lights.