Sunday, July 4, 2010

Don't fear the 3D Smear

One animation piece that blew my mind came from a student at Animation Mentor in 2008 by the name of Henry Sanchez. I remember hearing Eric Goldberg talking about a smear in CG - but this was the first time I saw it in action. And it was done well! Up until watching the Summer 2008 showcase, I had a pretty rigid viewpoint of how CG Animation looked. Sharp, clean, and clear. So when I was watching this... it opened a third eye for me when looking at CG Animation.

I'm glad I saw this very early on when I was considering to pursue animation. Everytime I look at this piece I remember to think above and beyond. Once you get grounded (a far road ahead for me) in the fundamentals, take some chances. There's so much to this artform to learn and as the next week brings our first assignment... I can't wait to soak it all in.


  1. this piece has so many great things happening....thanks for sharing it!


  2. I agree about the Smear part! Not many animators feel confident about using it! Check out the use of smear in this awesome reel submitted for FJORG 2009 (and it was done in only 32 hours straight)! :o

  3. Smearing... Just like in traditional drawn animation or stop motion, with the extra arms or legs (or in this case rifles). Awesome to see it in CG!

  4. yeah tat is so cool..but do you know that, how he might have done those streaks in between the frames,i mean the strokes like with brush of his feet in the air....