Friday, December 17, 2010

Time has wings.

Continuing the adventures at Animation Mentor, these past 3 months just flew by in an instant. Overall the difficulty is rising, in part because I'm choosing to do harder assignments. My mentor even ended up stating in my overall assessment that I overextended myself :) But he quickly followed up with "... but I don't hold it against you."

One thing I've noticed that I've been lacking is follow-through. Whenever I hit an obstacle my motivation meter depletes exponentially. This is something I've been working on all term and I'm glad to report that there is progress. At the end of the day, here is what my Class 2 ended with :

It turned out okay but I'm not 100% satisfied with my performance this term. And since we have a good amount of days off on this break, I've decided to buck up and go for another test. This time with some goals in mind:

1. "One shot, one thought" (thanks Brian!)
2. Do first pass blocking with a minimal amount of poses.
3. Try IK Spine (and in this case IK hands).
4. Experiment with creature-like behavior.
5. Cartoony - break the rig like crazy. Defy physics (just a little)
6. 100 Frame limit.

Plan: Stewfasa is stalking a bird as it's flying around the area. He notices it turning around, springs from atop his ledge and swipes him out of the air - landing on the ground in nothing less than an awesome fashion.

Here goes pass 1:


  1. Hi there, it's really nice work! I was just wondering how important you think it is, and if your mentors told you, to show poses like you've got towards the end, in a showreel?

  2. Hey Jonathan!

    I think on a demo reel the recruiters would see your posing skills inside of your animation pieces. So it's pretty irrelevant I think.

    These compilation reels are just a line-up of all works done up to this point so the next mentor can see your progress.

  3. Ok cool. Because I saw this really awesome picture of Gene Kelley in a pose and wanted to use it but decided against it. The compilation reel is a great idea for AM and it's great to see ;) keep 'em coming! J

  4. Wow Tony! Some awesome stuff!!! Looks like you're really applying yourself (as you tend to do). Your kung fu is getting immensely strong...