Thursday, July 2, 2009

Now thats 'Moe' like it!

First off, my father and I were talking about the dolly and he had insulation foam in his hand. He said he had tons of it and would make the camera tray move smoother and more quiet. He was right - but because the design of it all is so cheap it isn't PERFECT although with the foam it runs pretty darn smoothly now. But, he wants to make another one - we might be able to re-use half of the stuff we've already built. He wants a thicker drive shaft, bearings for the drive shaft to remain steady, and possibly foam in a couple of places to try and make the rumble of the dolly almost nil. He likes doing this stuff and it shows. We've always had a hard time getting along but since this whole stop motion turn we've been working together really often - its quite nice.

I guess I take after my dad some senses. I'm reworking Moe - this time with everything I've learned put into action. Moe 1.0 I thought had too skinny of limbs - it wasn't true. His limbs were fine I should have just used 1/16" armature wire. However I did cut off his mouth - which I shouldn't have done either. His design was also very rubberhose-y. No curves except for his dome haha. So this time I've shrunken his head and gave him some more style. He'll be a little bit more dashing this time around. On top of that I was looking up preppy clothing images and Ryan Seacrest came up all over the place. One of the images really worked - Sweater vest!

Here's the progress:

Building it up.

Forming it out.

So what I've come to want:

Long limbs / extremities for better motion control.
Not to work with super sculpey heads if I can avoid it.
More detail.
Facial expressions (brows, mouth, eyes). Clay brows, flapper jaw for mouth, beads for eyes.

I may elongate his legs a centimeter or so - his fingertips can almost touch his toes with his arms just dangling down :D

He'll be wearing a sweater vest on dress shirt with tie and brown or black slacks with fancy shoes courtesy of Ryan Seacrest. He'll also be wearing a much smaller head on his shoulders. I imagine it will take me 2 days to finish this sculpt in full detail. 1/16" wire for the upper body is the key! This time I'm getting it right :)

*Also found out that my sis put the shutter settings on her point/shoot camera for 1 sec - thats why they kept blurring. See the diff between the first and second picture!*

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  1. ryan seacrest is like all over the place, literally, down here. you turn to a radio station and he's on it. i wear sweater vests!