Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Subtle, Flow, Real.

Saw this clip on Vimeo this morning. My goodness. The clip will speak for itself.

The story of Adi Dassler from Dario Nucci on Vimeo.

More inspiration to push me forward! Moe the test puppet is complete. After messing around with him the arms are obviously now way too long (I had to laugh at myself for that making such a big deal out of how long I wanted the arms in the first place). Never-the-less I have a puppet to really practice animating with. Now that the dust is clearing from the party I'll have to get back on track. I'm planning to move my stuff downstairs and setting up an actual shooting area. I'll try and post my tests next time!



  1. Killer great. Loved the coffee/tea too, the trophy figure movement, and that oil lamp? holy cow! Sublimely done.

    After watching the piece through, not from an avid stop mo fanatic's pov, just as a civilian... I'm not sure why stop mo was chosen for the ad. I didn't see any contextual advantage for the subject/company/message. It was more like, why is this innovator rendered as a doll? To what end?

    The clip itself is so expertly produced, I would have preferred to see it as a 2D/3D layered montage personally.

  2. The one thing that kept connecting, at least for me, was that this great empire of a shoe company started with just a man in a small room with his two hands. The look of the whole piece seemed as such, like it was built with hands. You might be right about it possibly looking better in 2D/3D but I'm glad they chose to do stop motion so we can study from it :D

  3. Yeah, totally amazing.. Stop motion here was done with professional hands for sure. The animation; both computer and stopmo are great. But, I think I like films "only" stopmo. I like computer graphics and animation too but I think stopmo should not be combined with computer animation... Does not look right to me. This is an advertisement and serving its market.

    I agree, I guess they chosen to go with stopmo to emphasize handmade by one man.