Friday, October 16, 2009

Goodbye D70, Hello Lumix FZ50

Welp, I didn't think that saying farewell to a camera would be so hard... but it surprised me. I had really come to love the look and feel of the D70 and it pains me to let it go. I wasn't sure if my uncle was still in the market for one and as soon as I brought it up today when he visited, he paid me cash right then and there and took it home. The best thing about it was that I had finally gotten used to it's controls and interface, but on to other news.

I'm now shopping for the revered baby of stop motion cameras:

Panasonic Lumix FZ50. I've been hearing AND seeing too many good things from this baby at Prices are very decent right now and I'm hoping to snag a steal! The good news is that the Analog/Digital converter (to allow video assist on the computer) is considerably cheap on a PC. Actually, I may even be able to use my Mini DV camcorder as the converter. If not the cable will cost me an extra 40 dollars... I can handle that. Then I'll need a remote control button and (if I don't go for the wireless eye fi card) I'll be set! Basically switching the Nikon D70 body for a complete Lumix FZ50 package. Not too shabby.

Before letting the D70 go I did manage to get a decent test I was happy enough with to continue using the Green Screen. That means I'll be leaning towards CG effects as well. I'm not great at it but I'll do what I can and hope to learn as I go. I was also able to get a decent dolly test done too, glad that worked out well hehe.

And the last note. I'm owed a big chunk of change at the moment. Since the FZ50 will allow me to not shoot blind anymore, if the money comes in I think I'll splurge on Dragon Stop Motion as well. I hope it comes in, hah! I think the video assist will really step up my game and process. Looking really forward to holding this camera in my hands. Everything else has arrived and I got no more excuses, once this camera is here, to just DO THE DAMN THING!

Have a good day / night everyone.


  1. Hey Tony...

    Welcome to the FZ50 club!!! I think you'll really like it.

    One thing you need to understand... if you want to use an Eye-Fi card, you need to also have a wireless base station. If your computer is a notebook, then you should be set.

    But there's nothing wrong with downloading the images from the SD card after a shoot... I've done it both ways and really the Eye-Fi card is just an added convenience.

  2. I think I'm gonna really like it too! :)

    I just got a sdhc card for the cam so I'll be doing it the non-wireless way. It'll be fine. I'm really excited to get my hands on the camera hehe, and Dragon Stop Motion too! Only thing left to do is figure out if my DV Camcorder can double as an analog / digital converter.

  3. Tony, great news!!! Welcome to the FZ50 club!!!

  4. Good luck find your cam, Tony. Rock on.

  5. can you explain what cable for $40 will allow you to use the live image preview from the lumix?