Monday, October 19, 2009

Magnificent Monday

Never thought I'd say that! Here is what I woke up to. I check craigslist each morning and evening for a camera and today I found one for sale for $275. Good deal, but problem is it's coming from Miami. Craigslist users usually say no when shipping is involved. I inquire anyway, couldn't hurt to ask. He accepts - 10 dollar shipping charge. I send the money, he ships the item. In a matter of 90 minutes of waking up I've purchased my FZ50 at a pretty darn good price (comes with card and original accessories). I have unbranded knock off remote shutter + AC Adapter coming in next week for an added $20. If my DV Cam works as a converter, thats 305 for the entire setup... whew!

There's a seller on ebay selling his right now for 245 (15 dollars for shipping) for a total of 260. I've talked to the guy because he has no feedback yet, hes a new member. He seems legit though and even took close-up pics for me.

I had just paid for the craigslist Lumix right before this ebay seller sent me his message so it's a bit too late for me now. It looks really clean and if you're in the market for one or know someone who is... I suggest you contact him and decide for yourself. Here's the link for anyone interested:
Panasonic Lumix FZ50(ends sometime tomorrow).
Comes with everything from the original box and maybe a bit more. Fantastic price!

And that's not all! I spoke with Chuck Duke about a possible interview with him for Stop Motion Magazine (after talking to John about it of course) and they both gave me the go ahead! Really excited about this. I hope I do justice when presenting Chuck's story. I've mentioned him before, but I really didn't grasp just how seasoned he is. Shot from his independent film:

This man is quite the stop motion beast, as well as a Visual FX artist and CG Animator. A Renaissance Man! And his name is just cool. Honestly, if we were given jobs based on how our names sounded, Chuck Duke would definitely be a superhero.

So today was an extremely pleasant day. I wouldn't be surprised if a certain someone who owed me a certain amount of money surprisingly sent me a certain transaction that fell upon this day. *Checks outside for mailman*.

While I was searching for the Lumix FZ50, I took some time to revisit some old movies (I say old but they were released in the 80s / 90s). I watched some Ron Howard movies: Splash with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah

and Cocoon with Don Ameche.

When old people actually looked like old people and not plastic messes. Another reason why I've always adored "Grumpier Old Men" with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon.

I REALLLLY miss movies that have that whimsical heart-felt feeling seeping through the film. Cocoon made me weep like a baby and I'm not embarrassed to say it.

Also watched some Richard Curtis films: Four Weddings and a Funeral

and Notting Hill (again).

Notting Hill has some of my favorite movie moments of all time, including a fluid non-stop track shot depicts passing time through visuals and song.

I'll be striving to revisit the days of compelling dialogue and story telling in future projects to come. Stop motion is usually tied to these crazy really-out-of-the-box ideas and themes... maybe a "normal" film in stop motion wouldn't be bad :)

This is argue-able of course. Anyway, I'm happy to be part of the FZ50 club and can't wait to get my hands on Dragon Stop Motion.


  1. Man!

    your on your way to some professional Work!

    Cacoon was a truly 80's magical film.