Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shopping Sickness and a lesson learned

So today I checked the list as I was getting ready to head out to grab the oven. The drive was an hour away but that didn't really seem to matter. The shopping list has almost been completely checked off. I only need to grab a scale and a mixer and I'm done. Or so I thought. We got to the guy's house where the oven was and my heart cried a little... and in the midst of crying was able to let out a little "ha ha".

It wasn't in the greatest shape, but that didn't matter either. I just wanted an oven to continue the process, especially since I haven't done much for the last 4-5 days. I made sure to ask my parents if they knew how to work around the wiring if it didn't come complete with a neat little plug. I made sure to ask a couple of times before even inquiring about it. Of course when I brought it home nobody had any idea what to do with it. On top of that the model was old and most ovens these days have a 4-wire connection vs. the 3-wire from decades past. I liked the size of the oven and it was the only reason I went as far as I did to get it. Needless to say it's now most likely 50 dollars worth of trash.

I hit a small snag today though in the midst of this whole journey, I was actually angry about all of this and quite tired of the whole shopping experience. Art stores here just have absolutely nothing in terms of puppet making supplies and it gets a little fustrating sometimes. The whole oven deal really riled up my Dad and I, but after about 5 minutes of arguing I had to just remind myself what the big picture was. It's cool to know that I can get that heated up and can shut it off with a simple reminder that hey, making a film isn't smooth sailing. You're gonna hit some bumps and the quicker you get over yourself, the quicker you get over it, the quicker you get some work done, and the quicker you can create some magic.

I did learn one thing today. Don't do something unless you're satisfied with it. In this case my heart knew not to take that oven, yet my brain channeled a gigantic wave of procrastination that kept saying "just get it so we can check it off".

On top of all of that, my Dad doesn't even want another oven hooked up around the house. "Can't wire it up" he says. It would have been nice to know that before I spent so much time looking for one, but hey it's all good. I'm going to use the low-temp baking method inside the house that Dave Hettmer at stands by. Since I'm going to only be baking one character thrice times I think it'll be okay. It'll just take about 4 hours a piece.

Tomorrow is a big day... I'm going to screw up my very first foam latex puppet :) Stoked! Till then I'm going to just relax with guitar in hand and vocals out loud. Life is good when I'm just singin' the night away with these songs:

Melissa Polinar - Meant to be
Jason Mraz - Live High
Rynten Okazaki - City of Tokyo
Komatsubara Shun - Kujira
Kotaro Oshio - Angel's Sunday
Mariah Carey - My All

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  1. sorry about the mess man....

    I used to buy crap and try and make the best of usually bit me in the ass.

    I now take a big gulp and put it on the for the quality or at least working well product.

    keep your head up....Your on your way to your first foam puppet!!

    cant wait to see it.