Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smoothing Sculpt / Minding Mouths

Smoothing it once over with citri-solve it turned out okay. There are a lot of bumps and marks still obviously seen but I kind of like it like that... a little rough. The bumps on his head actually look nice. There's a pathetic attempt to give his arms form, dent at the elbow and small bicep bulges... but I sorta failed there haha. I think I'll keep it this way for now and see how the molding process goes. If the puppet comes out crappy then I'll know maybe to smooth it out at this stage more. Here it is!

I'm probably going to slice off his bottom lip tonight. :]
I needa start to get down how I want the wire armature to be formed and plan out the different mouth shapes. These past 2 days I haven't done much and I feel slacky already... the next 2 days are just waiting around for matierals to come :/