Saturday, May 16, 2009

Testing the waters

Here is a very uninteresting picture, I took about 5 pictures but didn't realize what kind of power a single open window had in shadowing the room. Check this out - this is right under a lamp that in person blasts a pretty mean light. But the natural sunlight to the side dimmed it so much. Just goes to show how little I know about all of this.

I've been waiting for a design, but decided to just go ahead and try sculpting. Turned out quite well. I made most of the lower body, just need to bulk up around the thigh a tiny bit, smooth it out and add a couple of details. I'll take pictures of it later tonight along with the room im working with at the moment. It's really clean... -.-

I thought sculpting wouldn't be that bad, but it is toughhh stufff... I knew this was going to be the hardest step for me but jeez lah weez. It's still fun as hell to do though, I'll get back to more tonight!


Update again: It took 2 hours and 100 actuations, but I have a feel for the camera and configured a lot of settings to my liking. It's late and stuffy, just gonna head to bed - post some of the pics tomorrow.

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  1. The sunlight is brighter than the light in the house- much brighter than any lamp! But you can compensate. The problem you were experiencing was stopping the camera down too much, not using enough ISO, not using a long enough exposure, (shutter speed needs to be at least 1/30 of a second for proper exposure), or any combination of all of those.

    Here is a basic site on DSLR photography, it helped me a great deal:

    Especially check out these pages:

    Best wishes,

    Don Carlson
    stop motion animator