Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Super Simple Set!

Alrighty. I wanted to make a film but soon realized that it was way out of the park ambition-wise as there was just too much set-building / design and puppet creation to go through to achieve what I planned for. So I wanted to make a short that would help me grow as a director/animator without having to worry about all of that. I decided that I would make it all about the character's action and as little as possible about the set.

Here we go:

The curtain - just a piece of material I poked holes into and hooked onto a thin brass rod. It's supposed to resemble a shower curtain :)

The sign - I wanted to make it a low budget sign (thus made of cardboard) but it turned out a lot nicer than I had anticipated. This sign took an entire day to make... quite sad I know :)

The only thing I'm missing is a table that I think I can just pick up at a toystore. I may just nail together a craptacular mini-table from balsa wood. If you hadn't guessed yet this short film is about Moe's magic act.

And here is what Moe might look like:

These are from two different doodles I made. I'm no artist. Just this very simple drawing took me awhile to come up with... haha. But I've never made any characters before either - first time is always slow in progress I guess!

I'm planning to make this guy out of foam on top of a wire armature, but I don't have any of the materials to do it yet. The plan might change and I might use clay... or something else. Lots of options though my first pick would be foam latex (I'd love to go through the process so I can make puppets later with more ease for future films). I'm also waiting to snag a Nikon D70 body to shoot this film with. I'm pretty excited about what's to come but I'm guessing it'll be about 2 weeks before I can start animating this short.

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  1. cool beans man!

    I see alot of The simpsons in your work.

    cant wait to see it.